New Technology Meets Flexibility in Your Business

The interactive flow of production-related processes in the dairy industry is a key factor to successful operations. The Mali Group provides complete dairy technology solutions to meet your production requirements - from milk reception to finished goods distribution both locally and internationally. By using Enhance Recovery of Stability (ERS) innovative technology we ensure improved workflow and flexibility in your business operations, and as a consequence increasing production rates at reasonable costs.

Quality Assurance and Enhanced Product Value

We attach great importance to producing the highest quality products, which means we assured our top standards throughout the entire production process. Food scientists and nutrition experts regulate and monitor every stage of the process from raw material selection, production to the final delivery of our products to customers and until the end of their shelf life.

From High-Quality Raw Materials to High-Value Dairy Products

High quality products begin with high quality raw materials. Raw materials are strictly sourced, domestically and abroad. Our company works closely with suppliers to ensure that high quality raw materials are produced and selected.